Saturday, 3 March 2007

Combating Alcoholism -

A Highly Addictive

But Stoppable Habit


Drinking is seen as a social activity and seldom do people realize that social drinking can escalate and become a case for alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and can be the reason for your professional downfall. Alcohol addiction has lingering effects on your mind and body, causing you to lose control of aspects of your daily life. Yet, this problem is seldom surfaced. Addicts and their family members are sometimes even unaware that they are facing a drinking problem.

Alcoholism is difficult to combat because many addicts are able to mask their addiction well while a few others think that it is not a real issue. Secondly it is difficult to combat alcoholism alone as it is highly addictive. The good news is that there are alcohol rehabilitation programs available to assist those who have this addiction.

Many people find it difficult to believe, much less admit, that one of their close family members are alcoholics. Many will ignore the symptoms of alcoholism, when faced with the possibility that one of the family members show signs of addiction, preferring to remain in the dark about it. The most common signs of alcoholism are: members of your family drinking early in the morning or as soon as they awaken. Some people resort to hiding evidence of their drinking habits by discarding bottles quietly. Others might imbibe large quantities of alcohol throughout the day and end up being drunk most of time.

One of the first steps one can take is also unfortunately the hardest. And that is to recognize the addiction and acknowledge that one has a problem. Only then, does the idea of looking for help really come to mind and be a good start to the road of recovery. Admitting addiction and looking for help is very important as the withdrawal symptoms can be harsh, and without external help, it will be hard to overcome.

One could be easily tempted to take a small sip to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and backslide into alcoholism. Therefore, it is advisable for most alcoholics to gain the help of a support group or enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program in order to stay sober. Currently, online services offer a comprehensive list of alcohol rehabilitation centers as there are a number to be found in almost every city and town. In addition, there are various programs catered to suit everyone's needs and preferences. It would be good to attend alcohol rehabilitation program near you to minimize time and effort needed to attend the meetings.

The starting weeks will be tough as it is during then that the worst cravings will hit. It is important to show love, support, and understanding during this difficult time if you have close friends or family who are affected. Above all, remember that perseverance is the key. It might seem very difficult at the beginning, but because you have already embarked on the hardest part, one should not give up just yet!

Combating alcohol addiction does not only begin and end at the rehabilitation center. It is a 24 hours program that needs discipline and motivation to see it through and it also goes on for 7 days a week. Because it is a trying time for the person trying to remain sober, bear in mind that every bit of understanding offered will be helpful until the worst is over.

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